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“Biophilic design is the practice of creating a closer connection to nature through the ways building and landscapes are created and built. Biophilia means a love of nature, so biophilic design uses natural resources to create a sense of harmony between modern architecture and the natural world.” Georgina Wilson-Powell.


1. Connecting to nature in a modern world – Homey homies

“Biophilic design is the introduction of natural elements or themes into the modern world of design. And it has many physical and mental benefits.” Homeyhomies.


2. Nature in the space – DforDesign

“An overview of Biophilic Design principles. ‘Nature in the space’ is about adding natural elements to interiors (and not just plants).” DforDesign.


3. A Kellert Guide to the benefits of nature – DesignWanted

“What is biophilic design? A look at the work of social ecologist Stephen Kellert outlines the theory and practice of incorporating nature in design.” DesignWanted.

4. Dreams + Necessity + Available resources = Project

“The studio of Equipo de Arquitectura is conceived out of the desire to build projects on a limited budget and locally available resources. Located in Asunción, Paraguay, the ‘Earthbox’ is a small architectural studio, built using rammed earth walls, recycled wood, and large glass for windows.” DesignCity.

5. Biophilic design is increasingly important – The Interiors Addict

“Renovator Ozge Fettahlioglu shares her recent experience and views on biophilic design. She explains why connecting our homes with nature is more important than ever following a lockdown”.  The Interiors Addict

“Biophilic design plays on our evolutionary need to be close to the natural world, and is often described as ‘architecture of life’. Incorporating biophilia into our public and private spaces by bringing elements of the natural world into them is said to improve both physical and mental health, as well as encourage productivity.” Homesandgarden.